Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Technics M33G feedback loop tone generator

This is the effect of a silly experiment and an exercise to learn a bit about sfz format. I took an old cassette deck, Technics M33G and I created a feedback loop by connecting signal output with input. The tone could be controlled with volume deck's volume knob, for some reason I don't really understand. Then I connected deck's phone output to Audiofire sound card and captured the whole scale available from manipulating the magical volume knob, to create this little sample set. I used G-Tune VST to monitor sound frequency, trying to catch exact frequency for each note. The knob didn't work linear and was rather sensitive, so some notes were a little off, which I think adds some character to this set.

Sound demo:

The files are 96kHz/24 bit, range it E4-B0, plus the lowest sound I could get. Above E4 the deck would go rocket high frequency, so it was rather impossible to match higher notes. Lowest tones are hardly tonal, but I recorded them anyway. More info in readme.txt

Download package - 10MB, includes samples in wav format, mappings for sfz and Kontakt 2.2.4 or newer. Free download.

And here's the discussion at KVRaudio.