Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Queuescape, sequencing bleeper

Queuescape is another confusing device for Kontakt 4 sampler. It's virtual re-creation of  imaginary retro synthesizer. It's based on single cycle waveforms and it has a lot of internal step-sequencers which can control various parameters. It has a kind of bleepy sound of early home computers or gaming consoles.

Here's a set of sound examples:

This device is written in Kontakt script, as a sort of experiment. It is constantly recalculating sequencing data and modulating parameters, which results in surprisingly high CPU usage. Parameters are being set according to sequenced program and tweakable frequency, transitions between sequencer steps can be more of less smooth, according to transition shape and set frequency. Sequencers can be programmed by hand or transformed in many ways with sequence tools. Alternatively you can create random programs with only few button pushes. There is a simple preset system, ready sequences can be saved to file or to memory slot (which can be then recalled by midi note).

Queuescape in numbers:
170 step-sequencers
15 KB of samples
12 pages of confusing and deceiving manual in funny English
10 oscillators
9 in-between-steps transition shapes
6 stage volume envelope
5 effects rack
1 monophonic mode

If you'd like get into details, you will need to confront the manual.

And here's how interacting with it looks like:

Download link - size 650KB. Queuescape model 10 is free to download and use in your music. Note, you need full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 4 or newer to make it work.