Saturday, September 7, 2019

Rekombinator II

I have just released Rekombinator II at Kontakt Hub. I started this project last November, so it took me quite a while to finish. It's the sequel to granular machine from 2015. Sequel rather than an update, the theme is similar, but it's whole new and quite different instrument. It's a take on granular playback implementation in Kontakt. There are built in granular based playback modes in Kontakt (time machine), but here it done with scripting. High frequency step sequencers are being activated for each note and grains are generated by playing fragments of the sample using internally triggered notes. It does result in high voice count and relatively high CPU utilization, but it opens some fun possibilities.

This instrument gives you full control over playback speed and playback position in realtime, play forward, backward, in nonlinear fashion or just freeze the sound. Works nicely for very slowly evolving drones and soundscapes when using extreme playback speeds, like 0.5% of the original. Rekombinator II has two waveform slots, so you can blend two samples. Each slot has independent control of basic engine parameters, like speed or playback position and separate audio path. Then there's hybrid modulator, introduced in Sawmill, where you can use step sequencer controller to render an LFO waveform. You can use it, for example, to create a nonlinear playback curve, make the playback head position travel around the waveform in fancy ways. Like in first Rekombinator, it is possible and not complicated to use any samples.

The instrument requires full version of Kontakt 5.8.1 (Kontakt 5 with latest update) or Kontakt 6. When pushed, it can produce noticeable CPU load, it's fine on my 10 years old 6 core, so I think any half decent modern processor should handle it easily.

Rekombinator II is now retired and replaced by Rekombinator III.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Cracklefield update 1.4

Cracklefield has been updated to 1.4. This version introduces new feature, chord progression generator and sequencer.

new feature:

  • Added progression generator and sequencer, pattern/chord progressions can now be generated internally in Cracklefield.

fixes and tweaks:

  • Tweaked random preset generator, the randomly generated presets should be simpler more often, possibly giving more useful results. The generator will affect the animator, reset it or occasionally set up a moving field.  The generator will now also respect preset loading filters. 
  • Fixed scale key button set not being updated on certain occasions.
  • The seed for random event generator will now be reset to a derivative of field checksum every time transport starts (you press play or record in DAW). This way any random event sequence in the project will be synchronized with field contents and each time you render a saved song it would repeat the very same progression of pseudo-random events.
  • Small change in main sequencer queue, the animator will be now applied 1/3 sequence step ahead of other functions (with the exception of the first step). As the animator transformations can be CPU intensive, especially if you make it play several life games at one step, coupled with progression generator, it could occasionally cause audio dropdowns. Now that animator is processed a small while ahead of other functions it should make such situations less likely to happen.

Cracklefield is available at Loot Audio.
If you acquired it elsewhere, please write me for the update.
You will find the e-mail address at the end of manual.