Sunday, August 18, 2013

Stone age percussion kit.

This is the real rock percussion kit. One holidays I happened to stroll a mountain road into area filled with piles of stones and rock pieces. The weather was fine, the wind was blowing elsewhere and I took the opportunity to take a stone smashing session onto Zoom H2n recorder. Later I chopped it, to make a set of one shot rock hits samples, which I used to build a percussion kit in the sampler. It's fun and it sounds rather unique.

Sound demo - this is made of raw samples, with no effects:

And here's a song, in which I used this fine percussion kit for all of the "drum" sounds:

Download package - 9MB, includes samples in wav format, stereo 96kHz / 24 bit and mappings for Battery 2 or newer, which should also load into Kontakt. Not all of the sounds are mapped in the Battery kit, so take it as a demo and explore the sounds. Also there are no velocity layers or fancy programing, it's stone age kit after all. Free download.

Balloon picking session.

I found audio file I recorded some time ago, with sounds made of a rubber balloon. The technique was picking, similar to picking strings, just picking the balloon surface, the sounds were somewhat percussive and somewhat tonal. Pitch could be modified by squeezing it and was rather unpredictable. It has been chopped up and made a Kontakt instrument.

Sound demo:

Download package - 10MB, includes samples in wav format, 96kHz / 24 bit and mappings for Kontakt 2.2.4 or newer. Free download.

And here's the discussion at KVRaudio. 

Zombietronic drums.

I always loved weird robotic drum machines. This is set of electronic drum hits that I generated using virtual synthesizers and effects, back in 2008. It's in the face, electric slapping, whit no fancy velocity layers and such.

Sound demo:

Download package - 4,5MB, includes samples in wav format, 44,1 kHz / 24 bit and mappings for Battery 2 (which can be also loaded to Kontakt 2 or newer, or possibly, some other samplers). Free download.

And here's the discussion at KVRaudio.