Sunday, March 22, 2020

Stay at home with Cracklefield

A lot of people are stuck at home these days, with no income and not much to do. Here's something to fiddle with: Cracklefield "Stay at Home" Edition. This is somewhat stripped down version of cellular automaton game sequencer, propelled with modular oscillator bleeps. It's free to get until it bets back to normal. It requires full Kontakt 5.8.1 or newer.

Compared to regular version...
- it is using entirely different sample set, four raw oscillators take from Sawmill,
- only visible panel is "maps", you can change progression and velocity maps, but cursor and field configuration are missing, as well as presets panel,
- "generate preset" button creates a random configuration (in regular version this is one of options in "field transform" menu),
- you can edit the field, but wall building and cursors placing modes are not available,
- midi pattern recorder is missing.

Basically, press "generate" and see if it comes up with something interesting.

get it here:

Here are some patterns it generated while I was testing.

Also, everything I made is now half price at KontaktHub.

March 23 update: added some snapshots and keyswitches to turn cursors on and off. Re-download if you didn't get the snapshot folder.