Sunday, February 22, 2015

Cracklebot Red

I had a couple of new ideas while playing with Cracklebot noise machine that I posted yesterday. They spawned a modified version of the instrument, which I labeled Cracklebot Red. To find what a cracklebot is, please read previous post.

Changes in red edition:
  • used 4 convolution units instead of 2, replaced the delays, this needs considerably powerful CPU,
  • reverb mixdown knob now controls return of all 4 units, delay mix knob is replaced with dry signal level knob, so now you can listen to just wet output of all reverbs, which is what I was aiming for,
  • there are now 12 layers/tracks per groove instead of 9,
  • there are small adjustments in groove generation constraints, larger possible sequences, different possible sequence speeds, etc.

Download here. Free to get and making noise with.

The archive doesn't include the manual, so if you really want to read it, get the regular bot.

Further late night experiments, took me to yet another incarnation of the machine. I wanted to see, how would it sound like, when pushed to 8 convolution reverbs and 16 layers, with more relaxed groove generation setup and different, evolving modulator signal distribution. If you're into evolving weird ambiances and have lots of CPU cycles to spare, you may see, if you can get it working.

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