Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Beat Assembler 48

This experiment took me a while to complete and it made me scratch my head pretty hard a couple of times. I wanted a drum machine in Kontakt, that wouldn't be bound to 4/4 signature and standard time grid. Also I wanted to break with table based patterns and have visual presentation more like in a DAW.
Beat Assembler does that and more. It's a drum machine with sequencer, which can generate automatic program according to preset scheme and set of parameters. It creates a master pattern which then is being fit into a time-frame, matching current tempo and time signature. The pattern can be quantized to defined grid, which can use a range of unusual note fractions, like 1/5 or 6/11, everything being visualized on the fly. The machine also lets you define time signature manually, so you're not limited to 4/4 in standalone mode, furthermore allowing some irrational settings like 4/3 or 5/7. So, if you like to experiment with strange percussion patterns, you may enjoy this one.

Additional features include:
  • four voice groups with automated distribution, where you can set effects and modulation parameters for each group;
  • manual sequence editor, so you can move notes around the grid; 
  • note recorder, so you can play a pattern by keyboard and then quantize it inside out.
Here's a video, where I'm trying out the machine:

Beat Assembler is free to get and play with. It requires full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 4 or newer. Download it HERE. 6 MB, RAR archive. Have fun!

If you like the idea, I have made paid, expanded version of the machine, named Beat Assembler XT, you can read about it here.

Concerning the midi export as requested in the comment, Kontakt 4 can't write midi files. But it does output midi! All you need to do is to go to 'options > engine > send midi to outside world' and make sure 'script generated notes' option is selected. Now, if your DAW supports it, you can patch Kontakt's midi output to a midi track and start recording right away. Beat Assembler XT does export midi clips via drag'n'drop mechanism in Kontakt 5.


  1. Man, this is AWESOME! Thank you so much for this amazing gift! Regarding your plans for a paid version, would it be possible to implement MIDI export for the beats we assemble? it would be perfect! Thanks for your time and ingenuity!

  2. Thanks for the quick reply regarding MIDI export! Cheers, mate!

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