Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Beat Knitter

Beat Knitter is a tiny drum machine and random drum pattern generator for Kontakt. It features a one-click-pattern generator, I've been experimenting with, it attempts to create a consistent random four track beat of bass drum, snare and open/closed hat. After some strangely complicated machines, this one has a simple approach: press the button, get a random beat.
The instrument has a very simple sound set, consisting of few one shot sounds. It has a basic four track sequencer, you can control overall velocity and a speed rate of each track. Besides one-button pattern generator, there are several other automated functions, some different, more or less random pattern generators and several pattern transformations, tracks can be shuffled, mirrored, de-synchronized, inverted and even there's 4x4 field 45 degree rotation, so you can play the pattern upward-down...
Drum pattern can be exported to MIDI clip anytime, via drag'n'drop, so the machine can be used to quickly sketch different variations of a beat to use with another instrument.

Here's how it works:

The machine is free to get and make noise with. Download here. You will need full version of NI Kontakt 5.6.6 to run it. Leave me a note if you find it fun, or useful, or garbage.


  1. This is fantastic -- much appreciated. Any chance you'd release the Cellular Automaton Sequencer, even on a commercial basis? It looks really interesting.


  2. I'm planning to, but it still needs some work. I hope to get it done in maybe two weeks.

  3. Definitively a great and creative tool, thanks a lot to share it freely!

  4. Great fun. Thank you!

  5. I can't download beat_knitter.rar. I just get a page of gobblydegook

  6. I want to download it for TRAINING