Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Orchestra Enigmatica

I released new Kontakt based instrument today. Orchestra Enigmatica is build around vintage orchestral analog synthesizer theme, a nod to times when emulating acoustic instruments with plain sawtooth wave was the thing. The base sounds come from Siel Orchestra (first version), 1979 Italian synthesizer, they are full of little quirks and imperfections, which makes them more alive. I tried to preserve their nature using long detailed samples. Sustained sounds are looped by hand without any crossfading, a task which proved to be quite challenging at times. Raw sounds can be combined and shaped in Kontakt, essentially this is more a synthesizer than a library.

In this instrument, I introduced multi-arp function, an advanced arpeggiator, which can populate up to eight patterns from a single chord. You can combine and transpose different arpeggio algorithms to create complex, evolving evolving dynamically, depending on notes being played.

Here's a sound demonstration video, where I play around with different patches:

And here's a small feature walkthough:

If you'd like to examine the details, please have a look at the manual:

The instrument requires full version of Kontakt 5.6.6 or newer.
Unpacked files take nearly 2GB space, samples are in WAV format.
It comes with 56 snapshot presets.
The interface takes 1000x750 pixels of screen space (it is bigger than in standard Kontakt instruments).

It is now available at Loot Audio.

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