Sunday, March 29, 2015

Electric Noisebow

Electric Noisebow is imaginary virtual instrument for Kontakt sampler. It can generate drone sounds, noise soundscapes, ambient atmospheres or unfolding distortions. It is based on two sample sets I made by playing modified Reno electric guitar with an E-Bow. The clean set is built of sustained tone samples. The dirty set contains distorted sounds, I've got by putting the E-Bow very close to the vibrating string, so the string would start to collide with E-Bow housing. I edited all samples by hand to get more or less seamless loops, which are rather lengthy. Especially noise loops which span for 20-30 seconds. The instrument has double convolution reverb unit, which can be used to sweep between reverb and sound types. There is note doubler and round robin mechanism synchronized with transport position, so used in a project, the instrument should render repeatable results.
Here's example track created with one instance of the instrument in a single take:

And here's a small walk-through video:

The instrument is available at Loot Audio. Note, that it requires full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 4.2 or newer to work. There are 36 WAV samples, 88,2 kHz, 24 bit and the whole instrument takes about 220MB or drive space.


  1. The electric guitar instrument has double convolution re verb unit, which can be used to sweep between re verb and sound types.

  2. The particular grubby collection is made up of altered appears, We've acquired by means of positioning the particular E-Bow quite nearby the vibrating sequence, to ensure the sequence would likely will battle having E-Bow housing. My spouse and i edited all samples by hand to get additional or maybe fewer smooth loops, which are usually quite very long.

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