Friday, March 6, 2015

Keyboard splitter multiscript for Kontakt

I wrote a little script for splitting keyboard in Kontakt. This may be handy, if you'd like to send part of the keyboard to one instrument and the other part to another instrument. Keyboard splitting can be done in many ways, but multiscipt is probably the most convenient to use. The script front looks like this:

You can split and re-direct data from any port/channel, in which case all midi inputs will be routed to destination channels. Or you can split selected channel only, in case you have multiply controllers connected. There is midi learn function for split position and octave transpose function for each part of the keyboard. The script is splitting "note on", "note off" and "polyphonic aftertouch" messages, however as I don't have any keyboard with poly aftertouch, this last function is somewhat untested. "Other messages" (pitch bend, CC, program change, etc.) can be blocked, send to one or both of destinations. The script sends "all notes off" messages to all channels, each time you manipulate its settings, to avoid "stuck notes".

If you think it might be useful to you, you cab grab it HERE. It will work Kontakt 4.2 or newer, I'm not sure about earlier versions. Remember that it is multiscript, you insert it in multi rack, on top of all instruments (use the "scroll" button to activate multiscript rack).

If you feel like splitting the keyboard further, you can insert copies of this script into following script slots, use specific channel in that case. E.g. split all inputs to channel 1 and channel 2 with first script, then split channel 2 to channel 2 and channel 3 with second script. With 5 script slots you could split the keyboard up to 6 parts, which, I bet, would be a lot of fun...


  1. thanx a lot for the keyboard splitter script.
    perfectly working - what i desired.


  2. Thanj¡k yoy so very much man!

  3. Great script, made my life easyer. thanks a lot.